UonCyber Social Share Plugin – User’s Guide.

UonCyber social share is a light weight yet powerful wordpress plugin which allows your website visitors to easily share your website and it’s contents on the 34 commonly used social sites listed below. Social sites play a major role in modern world’s advertising and marketing, so using this plugin would be a definite peak of the visitors reach of your website.

The plugin has four options to insert social share buttons on your website.

  1. Automatically grab the url, title, content & images of each page or post of your website and dynamically generate unique content shareable buttons on any preferred location of each page or post of your website.
  2. Generate unlimited, unique shortcodes and manually place them on your site’s preferred location such as page content, sidebar, header, footer, etc.. You can set it to generate links dynamically from the current page or use predefined details provided on the admin panel.
  3. You can place “Uoc Social Share” widget on your website’s widget area and choose a predefined shortcode to display icons on your sidebar or footer.
  4. You can select one of you predefined shortcodes and show them as a fixed floating icons bar on left or right side of your website.

Button location, colors, shape, animations and all other settings are easily customizable on the admin panel. There is a real time preview generator on the admin panel, so you won’t need to waist your time on saving and checking the look on front end.

It’s light weight speed optimized codings will provide the maximum speed and responsiveness to your website. No javascript used for button animation and front end functionalities. All are html and css based, so the social share plugin has a great browser support. This plugin has the ability to save the share count and show it as a small message bubble. However you can hide the counts, if you do not need to show them on the front end.

Supported WordPress Versions:

Supports WordPress 3.0.0 and above (4.8.1 Ready)

Browser Support:

This plugin support all modern browsers. However some special features such as fixed floating bar & counter boxes might not be available on IE8 and earlier versions.

Special Features:

  • Speed optimized
  • Fully responsive
  • Ability to share over 34 mostly used social sites all around the world.
  • Ability to save and show the share counts.
  • No CSS Knowledge required. Button shapes, sizes, colors (predefined default social media colors or your own custom colors), hover effects, shadows and all other css styling can be easily customized by changing settings on the admin panel. You can design your own designs which you like.
  • No javascript is used for styling and animations. All are html and css based.
  • Excellent browser support (counter boxes and floating bar may not be available on outdated IE8 and earlier versions, but it still supports most of it)
  • Ability to customize & save unlimited shortcodes and place them anywhere on your site.
  • Ability to automatically inject the social share buttons bar before and after the page content by easily selecting the position on the admin bar.
  • No matter where the page is scrolled, slide in floating bar makes it easy to share.
  • “UoC Social Share” widget to easily drag and drop on widget areas.

Included Social Sites:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • Buffer
  • StumbleUpon
  • Blogger
  • LiveJournal
  • Viber
  • Digg
  • Tumblr
  • Reddit
  • Delicious
  • MySpace
  • Yahoo
  • FriendFeed
  • NewsVine
  • EverNote
  • GetPocket
  • FlipBoard
  • InstaPaper
  • Line
  • Skype
  • WhatsApp
  • Telegram
  • VK
  • Okru
  • Douban
  • Baidu
  • Qzone
  • Xing
  • RenRen
  • Weibo

Plugin Installation.

Download “UoC-social-share-wp-plugin-1.1.zip” and unzip it’s contents. You will find two files there.

  1. UoC-social-share.zip (this file contains all source files for the UoC Social Share plugin.)
  2. user-guide.pdf (this is the user’s guide)

Click “Plugins -> Add New” on your wordpress admin panel.

Click “Upload Plugin” button on the top left corner of the “Add Plugins” page.

Click “Choose File” and input “UoC-social-share.zip” file extracted from the downloaded zip file. Click “Install Now” after inserting the file.

Click “Activate Plugin” button after file uploading completed.

Input “Codecanyon Invoice Number” to activate the plugin. You may contact us on activation@uoncyber.com, if you are facing any troubles when finding the Invoice Number. Click “Register” to finalize the activation.

You will get below message if you insert the correct Invoice Number. Click “here” to activate the registered plugin.

That’s it 🙂

UonCyber – Social Share Plugin Admin Panel.

UonCyber – Menu:

  1. UonCyber: Here you can find the latest information and updates about UonCyber plugins and apps.
  2. Social Share: Here you can customize the social share icons bar which is visible on pages and posts by default.
  3. Social Share – Shortcodes: Here you can customize the settings of the shortcodes which you can use on your theme, widget areas, pages and posts.

Social Share:

Preview Bar
By visiting Social Share and Shortcode edit pages you will find the live preview bar on the top of each pages.

Locations Tab
On the locations tab you’ll be able to customize when and where the default social share icon bar should be placed.

  1. Page Type: Here you can set the page types to display the default social share icon bar.
  2. Widget Locations: Here you can set the locations of the default social share icon bar on each page types mentioned above.
  3. Show Floating Icons: Here you can select whether to display the social share floating icons bar or not. You can select one of the shortcodes as the social share floating icons bar on the social share shortcodes page.

Social Medias Tab
On the social medias tab you’ll be able to choose which social medias to be displayed on the social media icons bar. You can easily change the order by dragging each icons.

Icon Types Tab
Here you can customize the appearance of the social share icons and counter boxes. You can easily change the size, shape, color, hover
effects, shadows and all other css settings here and create anthing which is on your mind.

Fonts Tab
On this tab you can choose the font family for the social media icon texts. It has a list of 22 mostly used google fonts to choose from.

Additional Details Tab
Here you can define a few additional details which is used in social media sharing links such as twitter username, company or site name.

Social Share-Shortcodes:

Here you can customize unlimited shortcodes and use them on your wordpress theme, page, post, header, footer or widget area. Click the edit button to edit the selected shortcode and delete button to delete. You can select one shortcode as the floating menu on “Set as Floating bar” column.
All the tabs on the shortcode edit page except the “Additional Details” tab are the same as the ones described above.

Additional Details Tab
Here you can set the shortcode to generate social media share links with an auto generated url from the current page or predefined url.

Place a Shortcode on Widget Area:

You can simply drag and drop the “Uoc Social Share” widget on the widget area and select one shortcode from the shortcodes list to be appeared on the widget area.